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In the spring of 2023, along side Graham Jackson of 7p Expeditions and Overland Passage; and Expedition Pictures, we undertook one of our most challenging expeditions yet: an attempt to travel the infamous Camp Six Road in Belize.

This challenging trail was originally a route built by the Mayans to travel between cities. In the early twentieth century it was used as a logging track to bring mahogany and old growth timber out of the jungle. Since then, the largely abandoned and rarely used track has taken on a near mythical status from its use by the British Special Forces for jungle training, to it's use a launching grounds for Land Rover in the early '00s. 

Our Jeep Gladiator served as the film support vehicle with a pair of Land Rover Defender 110s for this daring adventure which will be the subject of an upcoming documentary. 


L to R: Eric Stockmann, Graham Jackson and Joshua White inspect British military maps of the jungles of western Belize over cocktails at Chan Chich Lodge.

Much of this expedition is still under media embargo.

Stay tuned for more stories, pictures and the documentary. But in the meantime, enjoy the trailer.

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