Pangaea Expeditions was founded by Nathan Hindman in 2001 with a goal to educate and inspire adventurers. We specialize in vehicle dependent expeditions and overland adventure travel.

Our name, Pangaea, comes from the ancient Greek words “pan” and “gaea,” literally translating as “all earth”. Scientists theorize that billions of years ago, before the tectonic plates shifted into their current continental form, there existed a super-continent consisting of all the known land masses. This super-continent is named “Pangaea.”

Twenty years ago, at the time of our founding, overlanding and vehicle dependent expeditions were almost unheard of in North America. At Pangaea Expeditions,  we were one of the first groups to prepare and guide 4x4s on cross continental expeditions, helping to popularize innovations like roof top tents in the US market.


Pangaea Expeditions has evolved in the last twenty years, providing services from outfitting complete vehicles to leading all-inclusive self-drive safaris across the Rocky Mountains and the deserts of the Western United States.

Our international expedition destinations have ranged from the jungles of Central America’s Mundo Maya, to the savannahs of southern Africa.

While Pangaea Expeditions is generally brand agnostic, we’ve focused on using Land Rovers as our primary vehicles for expedition and four-wheeling.

Nathan Hindman
Nathan Hindman, founder

Nathan Hindman
Owner/Expedition Guide

Nathan is the owner and founder of Pangaea Expeditions. Born in Illinois, Nathan lived across the United States before finally settling on the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. With more than two decades of four-wheeling and overlanding experience and travels that have taken him to well over 50 countries, he has been an active participant in the four wheeling community.

As a part of a two-man team, along with Overland Journal’s Scott Brady, Nathan holds the distinction of being the only American team to have won the prestigious Outback Challenge. A feat they accomplished during the Outback Challenge in Morocco. 

In addition, Nathan works as a commercial photographer, shooting with many of the top luxury travel brands around the world. You can view his commercial work here: